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UX-UI Design

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What is UX-UI Design ?

"UI" in UI design refers to "user interface". The user interface is the graphical layout of the application. It consists of a button that the user clicks, read text, an image, a slider, a text entry field, and everything else that the user interacts with. This includes screen layouts, transitions, interface animations and every single micro interaction. All visual elements, interactions or animations must all be designed.

"UX" stands for "user experience". The user experience for your app is determined by how you interact with the app. Is the experience smooth and intuitive or awkward and confusing? Do you think app navigation is logical or arbitrary? Does interacting with the app make people feel that they are effectively doing the task they are trying to accomplish or are they having a hard time? The user experience is determined by how easy it is to interact with the user interface elements created by the UI designer.


UX-UI Design Have Number of BENEFITS


Customer Acquisition

Successful user experience and design provide a competitive advantage. It is likely to surpass prices as a major brand differentiator attracting new customers. (And who doesn't want more new customers?) A good enterprise UI / UX is about more than effective product design. Good business.


Low Support Cost

Well designed app works. If the application is not designed properly, the cost for later training, documentation, and support increases. Intuitive and easy-to-use apps put less stress on employees and revenue.


Increased Productivity

Improved user experience improves productivity. The financial impact is obvious and substantial given the number of users each user is active and the productivity gains over time.

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